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8 method to protect your home video surveillance from hackers

There are a few simple tricks that can prevent burglars from hacking your surveillance cameras. These are some of them.

Like a password

A weak password is like handing over the keys to your home to thieves. When installing CCTV cameras, the first thing to do is change the default password. You should wisely create a secure password , which cannot be easily cracked. Avoid passwords such as your phone number or date of birth. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to create a strong code .

Protect the router
If you use a WiFi connection for your video surveillance , always password protect it. As in the previous case, avoid using your date of birth or phone number as a password. Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to help protect your WiFi router as much as possible.

Data encryption

When choosing video surveillance cameras, pay attention to whether the system has the ability to encrypt . Encryption is the encryption of data for the purpose of its protection and any home video surveillance system that does not have the ability to encrypt can become an easy target for hackers. This also applies to mobile phones through which you control your cameras.

Install an antivirus program

Be sure to install good antivirus software on devices, whether mobile phones or computers, that have access to your surveillance cameras. A firewall and antivirus program are key to detecting malware , viruses, and other malware.

Limit the number of approved devices

You can limit the number of devices you want to use to access video surveillance. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop will be enough to provide you with surveillance cameras from anywhere . All other devices are redundant because they increase the risk of hacking.

Never use a public WiFi network to access surveillance cameras
The WiFi network through which your mobile device has Internet access must be secure. Using a public WiFi network from a remote location makes it much easier for hackers to access your data, such as your email ID or your password.


Regular updating of video surveillance software is also very important . Most software vendors regularly update their programs and applications to improve their performance, add new features, and respond to modernized hacker threats. Hackers are constantly finding new solutions to their malicious actions, so if your security software is not updated, they will become more prone to hacking.

Change passwords regularly

To take security to the next level, change your surveillance camera password regularly. Using outdated passwords can make your video surveillance vulnerable to hacking.

The tips given in this text can help you outsmart hackers and minimize the risk of hacking . Keep in mind that simply installing home video surveillance cameras is not enough to completely protect your home from hacker attacks. It is solely your responsibility to regularly update the system and passwords, check for any deficiencies in the work and implement all necessary preventive measures.

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