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Computer or console – what to buy for gaming in 2022

Computer or console, the question is as old as the first consoles and computers. But not everything is in raw power, there are many more details. Answer these questions and you will know what your ideal gaming setup is.

The best known and most popular ways to play video games are of course computers and various game consoles, but we should not forget about other more or less popular ways we can enjoy video games – with our smartphones, playing retro arcade games or using the super popular Steam platform.

All in all, video game fans know that it is not at all easy to narrow down your choices and concentrate on just one platform or just one gaming console.

What are your habits?

If you play video games most often in order to “spend” time, e.g. while riding public transport or waiting in line at the office, it is clear that you usually play on your smartphone or tablet and at the same time spend the least time and money playing.

The situation is, of course, diametrically opposed to more serious gaming – in which case you most likely use a desktop computer as the base platform and are constantly thinking about new upgrades that will allow even better and faster gaming.

If gaming is a social activity for you, home game consoles with a few extra controllers would be an ideal choice for you.

What budget do you have?

With a minimal budget, it’s best to stick to home computers – don’t expect to be able to play all the latest games on it that also have high technical requirements. With some medium budget you can consider buying a new gaming console.

If by any chance you are one of the lucky ones with an unlimited gaming budget – we must agree that the best steps would be to assemble your own gaming computer and invest in all the necessary accessories, joysticks and steering wheels – from keyboard, headset, gamepad, VR glasses to good anatomical chairs – with which you will enjoy.

How do you stand with knowledge?

Without excessive pomp, you just want to play a few games and continue with your daily obligations, let the decision fall on one of the game consoles.

Each of them allows you to enjoy games of various genres – without having to worry about new updates or technical specifications.

On the other hand, PC gaming is definitely for those who want, love and have time to explore all the ways to improve their gaming skills with constant technical upgrades or researching and browsing gaming forums.

What games do you like to play?

The games you want to play play an important role in choosing the best platform to play. Action games are better suited to game consoles, as well as sports video games.

If you are a fan of FPS games, super popular shooters, you will surely have a better experience on a PC compared to consoles – they are much easier to play with a mouse and keyboard. The same goes for simulations and strategy games, the experience of playing on a PC is invaluable compared to any other platform.

How often do you change the games you play?

The PC is a great gaming platform, but one of the drawbacks could be the smaller variety of games you can enjoy.

For years, the latest and most acclaimed games have first come out in console releases and only then experience their PC versions.

This, of course, takes time or patience on your part. So, if you want to enjoy new games right away and if you quickly stop being interested, choose a console.

Do you play alone or in multiplayer mode?

Consoles have limited multiplayer capabilities – great if you want to play in the company of friends, but if you want to gamble with hundreds of people from all over the world, a PC will be a better choice.

On the other hand, here too the consoles catch the connector. You should know, the servers are separate – the same game does not mix PC and console, for understandable reasons (advantage of mouse + keyboard over controller).

How important are upgrades to you?

One of the biggest (some will say the most important) differences between PCs and game consoles is that computers can be upgraded while consoles are mostly not.

The game console will work for years since it was purchased with the same capacity and method as from the first day and it will not be possible to improve it through an update or purchase of a better / newer component. If you really want to play the latest games, count on regularly buying game consoles or regularly updating your PC.

What else do you do besides playing video games?

Is it exclusively gaming, or do you also enjoy a good movie / series, music or surfing?

For all these activities compared to consoles, the computer is still a better choice. Consoles have a limited way you can use them and if you only want to play a game a few times a week, they are not really worth the cost.

On the computer on the other hand, you have a lot more options and choices whether it’s for fun or work.

Where do you enjoy playing video games the most?

Playing video games on the go doesn’t necessarily mean using only a smartphone or tablet. In fact, we all know how frustrating playing on a small smartphone screen can be due to clumsy controllers and lack of inches.

Still, there is an alternative to gaming on the go – and these are portable game consoles like the super popular Nintendo Switch.

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