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How to find out if someone is tapping your phone

 Security always comes first, and with the help of these codes you can find out if someone is tapping your phone.

How to find out if someone is tapping your phone

In case you don’t know, enter all the codes in the call application, and press the call button to confirm.

* # 21 #

With this code you can check if your messages, data and conversations have been redirected. All services and their status will be displayed on the screen. If one of the services is ” Forwarded ” then your phone is being tracked. The status of all services should be ” Not forwarded “.

## 002 #

If one of the services is redirected, you can use this code to cancel it. Specifically, by activating this code, you will delete all redirects on your phone.

* # 62 #

Use this command to check that calls, messages and data are diverted to another number in case your phone is unavailable. Normally, your calls are diverted to your telephone operator’s voicemail, so don’t be surprised if you see that number.

* # 06 #

You can use this code to find out the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​of your phone. If you accidentally lose your phone or someone steals it, you can find it with this code, even if a new SIM card is inserted.

Antivirus programs

If you are an Android user, install one of the antivirus programs and periodically scan your phone.

What are the best antivirus for Android

One of the most dangerous viruses you can find is PlaceRaider . This Trojan, without your knowledge, uses both cameras of the phone, captures the environment and creates a 3D image that it sends to hackers. Also all data, accounts and passwords are at risk.

How do the secret services eavesdrop on us?

Almost all security agencies today work closely with telephone operators, so they provide them with all the information about the desired user, if they have a court order. Data from the last 3 months is usually sent.

It is very difficult to notice that security agencies are eavesdropping on you. If you hear strange noises or echoes during a call, if the phone rapidly loses battery, overheats or suddenly restarts, there are indicators that something is wrong with your phone, not indicators that they are eavesdropping on you.

How to protect Smartphone from criminals.

Use non-traceable correspondence applications, such as   Telegram , Chare , Wickr , or Signal.

Be careful what information you share, especially through social media. Read also – What things should never be shared through social networks .

Be careful which applications you install. Never mark those that are marked as unsafe (Unsafe) on your phone. Use more types of protection when locking your phone and avoid free charging points.

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