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How to increase the charging speed of your iPhone?

Here are some tips to teach you how to charge your iPhone the fastest. We also bring some very useful information about the chargers themselves and the energy needed to charge the iPhone.

How to charge iPhone the fastest?

Something we do every day, sometimes several times during the day, is charging the phone. Lately, charging the phone during the night has become an unavoidable ritual. But sometimes we forget to connect our iPhone to the charger. Here are some tips on how to charge your iPhone the fastest.

Charging directly from the charger

One of the most common ways to charge an iPhone is with a USB cable via a laptop or desktop computer. Unfortunately, this is not the most efficient way to charge your phone.

USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 connectors are capable of providing 0.5A, and most computers today use just this USB standard. On the other hand, many have a USB 3.0 connector that provides 0.9A, which is not small, but again, the original charger for iPhone gives 1A. From this it can be concluded that you will charge your phone much faster with the help of the original charger than with the help of a computer.

If you already want your laptop to be an external battery, then USB 3.1 Type C is the only solution because it provides up to 3A.

Use an iPad charger

The iPad charger delivers 2.1A (12W) which means the iPhone will charge much faster than its original charger which, as we mentioned, delivers only 5W.

According to the experience we have had so far, and since we have an iPad charger, we also use it for the iPhone, so far we have not encountered a single problem. iPhone simply draws electricity faster because the flow is much higher.

Interestingly, the charging profiles of the iPhone 6 Plus phone and iPad, according to the “Kill-A-Watt” tests, are exactly the same. So we conclude that we can charge these devices with a 2.1A charger. But for the iPhone 5S and below, the situation is different where 5W is needed.

Since the iPhone 6 Plus is capable of pulling 12W this tells us that it charges much faster than other versions. For example, it charges completely in about 2 hours and 30 minutes using the iPad charger, and if it is charged with the original charger that comes with it, it would take 3 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge.

Use an Apple Lightning USB cable or charger

For best results, we recommend the Lightning USB cable or charger that comes with the phone. Avoid those chargers and cables that are not genuine because they can damage the connector in the iPhone itself. It is possible that the battery will be damaged if you use a charger or cable that is not Apple certified.

Fake chargers deliver only half the power in most cases, which leads to slower charging of the device.

Do not use iPhone while charging

You could have guessed this yourself, but it’s worth mentioning. If you don’t use iPhone while charging, it will definitely charge faster. Setting it to “Airplane” mode and turning off WiFi, GPS and other consumers will certainly contribute to faster charging.

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