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How to monitor CPU performance and internet consumption on your phone

This app will help you monitor CPU performance and internet usage on your phone. However, the use of smartphones is not limited to calls, messages, the Internet and the like.

Serious gaming today takes place on smartphones and tablets. Then editing photos, videos, creating documents of various types and much more. You will agree that all of the above is nothing that only advanced users do, but all of us who have smartphones.

All these operations load the phone and sometimes something goes wrong. This could be a sudden slower operation of the device itself, application errors, operating system errors, or overheating.

How to monitor CPU performance and internet consumption on your phone

It is necessary to find the reason why it happens. The easiest way to determine the cause of overheating is to monitor what is loading the components that emit more heat the moment you load. The application that will help you with that is SystemGlow .

SystemGlow subtly monitors CPU performance and internet consumption on the phone, and it manages to do so by using two thin lines that are painted red and blue. Red is in charge of showing the operation of the processor, and blue is in charge of the intensity of internet traffic. Of course, the lines manifest the operation of the processor and the intensity of real-time Internet traffic. What’s great is the ability to set up the SystemGlow app so that the lines are only visible when the notification panel or quick options drop down.

It should be borne in mind that these lines do not work by filling from one side of the screen to the other, at the moment when there are changes in the operation of the processor and Internet traffic. Instead of a variable path, from left to right, they use brightness. Namely, when the processor is more loaded, the red line will glow stronger, and when it is less loaded, it will glow weaker. This avoids distracting the user, and when he needs information about it, he can easily reach it with a quick glance at the top of the phone screen.

How can we use this to analyze the operation of the phone?

Very simple! While using the phone, watch when the red line glows brighter. In those moments when it shines brighter than usual, then you should pay attention to which application you are currently using because it is probably the cause. And if you don’t use any, then pay attention to what background operations are in progress.  If after a sudden stop the red line “calms down” and stops shining brighter, then you have found the “culprit”.

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