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The most common mistakes when choosing passwords

Passwords are a necessary evil of modern life, but mistakes in choosing passwords are commonplace. Numerous profiles on different services, it is not unusual that at some point we simply no longer know which password is associated with which account.

This is why people often choose something easy for them to remember for a password: the name of a favorite singer, the date of birth of a loved one, or, worse, just write “password123”.

The most common mistakes when choosing passwords

Despite security experts warning people for years that a good password requires a series of letters and numbers (and more recently characters) that have nothing to do with a person, users prefer simplicity over security.

Scientists at the University of Virginia Tech have done an interesting study that confirmed what security experts already knew – what mistakes users most often make when choosing passwords.

Password recycling

Password recycling is a more common practice than you might think. More than half of the users whose passwords were analyzed in the study used the same password for multiple services or changed it only slightly.

Experts warn that this is a dangerous practice because it makes it easier for hackers to guess and crack passwords.

“Walking” password

Walking passwords are combinations of letters and numbers that are next to each other on the keyboard. Most often they are “123456” or “qwertz” or similar.

Expressing emotions in passwords

Interestingly, a large number of users use passwords to show their emotions towards a particular service they use. So scientists have found passwords like “iloveyou”, “ihateyou”, “lovelove”, “bullsh * t” and the like.

Even that, security experts point out, is not the best choice of password.

Name as password

Many users, when choosing a password for a service, use the name of that service or a known name.

So you can often find passwords that are or contain the words “linkedin”, “myspace”, “cocacola”, “facebook” and the like.

The names of celebrities from pop culture also fall into this category.

So many users think that “superman” will protect them from hackers, while some invoke “pokemon”, and not uncommon and “starwars” and, interestingly, “metallica”.

Those who love sports use the names of favorite (or not so favorite) sports clubs.

It is not uncommon to come across an account that holds the password “liverpool”, “arsenal”, “barcelona”, and there is also “manchester”.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing passwords and choose a good password

Although we have already written many times about the techniques for choosing and (perhaps more importantly) remembering passwords, it is not out of place to repeat.

1) Use a unique password for each account

2) Create passwords longer than 8 characters

3) Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols (if the system allows it)

3) Avoid using common words, names or phrases as a password.

4) If you have a lot of passwords, use programs and applications to securely store and store them. Alternatively, write them down on paper and keep them in a safe place. Not pasted on the computer screen.

5) Avoid using open and unsecured wireless networks.

6) Change passwords regularly – at least once a month.

7) Do not share your passwords with others. You never know who might be listening nearby.

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