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Tips for recording audio like pro

Sound files can be infinitely modified and improved with a variety of applications. However, the simplest is the most common and the best: record high-quality audio immediately. Here are some of our tips for recording audio…

Watch the microphone

When recording louder parts, move away from the microphone, while during quieter parts you need to get closer. This will help even out image fluctuations. This will eventually reduce the amount of compression required to create audio.

Use cards

Preparation is half the battle. There are those who think it is better to speak from memory than to rely on written text because it sounds more natural. But doing so increases the risk of a mistake in the middle of a speech that will require you to start all over again. So prepare cards that will remind you what to say when you shoot.

Avoid zooming

The zoom feature on your camera will work great when you need to focus on distant subjects. The microphone will pick up the sound the lens makes as it zooms in and how often this will be heard in the recording. Avoid zooming whenever you can. If you really need to use it, pause the recording until you zoom in.

Control your breathing

Breathing is important because it can ruin even the cleanest shot. So learn to control your breathing while shooting. Get used to turning your head away from the microphone as you inhale so that breathing doesn’t end up on the recording.

Stick to a routine

If you shoot at home, then you know how hundreds of little things can distract you from filming. So stick to your routine. If feasible, always use the same room in which you will set up the equipment in a certain way. Record in a predetermined and established order.

Use a special microphone

Cameras and smartphones often come with built-in microphones. They are often good enough to talk to a video with one person, but few will be able to cope with a larger audience. For better sound quality in such conditions, get a slightly better microphone.

Eliminate ambient noise

Ambient noise can constantly distract from the content you are recording audio. Reduce noise by turning off the fan, air conditioner and other noise generating devices. Keep the recorder away from the computer while it is turned on and the fan is running

Practice diction

If you do not pronounce words and sentences evenly and clearly, listeners will find it harder to understand you. Do not rush when pronouncing. Emphasize longer words carefully to avoid stuttering or swallowing them. Read aloud the more demanding parts of the text, keep in mind the problems that can cause you certain words or sentences. Practice anything that is difficult for you to say before recording. Practice breathing. Shoot standing or sitting upright. And don’t forget to freshen your throat here and there.

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