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Tricks on how to take a photo like professional

Have you ever wondered how to take a photo as a professional? The first thing you think of is that you need a good camera or a cell phone with a super good camera. But that doesn’t have to be the case and perfect tricks are needed for perfect photography.

Natural framework

Use things in nature to frame your object. Note that the frame does not have to be on all four sides. See examples in the attached photos.

Objects in motion

When photographing a moving subject, make sure to leave more space in front of the subject in the direction of its movement. This way the photo will be much more dynamic.


Our brain registers things from left to right. Therefore, if the photo has more than one object, position the one you want to highlight on the right.

Camera angle

Experiment with the angle of painting. This way you can give the photo a whole new dimension, as in the examples below.

Negative space

Each photo consists of 2 parts, positive space and negative space. The positive is the part where your painting object is located, and the negative is usually the background or environment.


The depth of the image is important because it enriches the photo and emphasizes its three-dimensionality.


As you try to get the depth of the image, don’t forget the foreground. If you put an object in the foreground, the image will be more intense and much closer to the eye it is observing.

Shadows and reflections

Use shadows and reflections to make the photo more dramatic. You can create a visual dialogue between the object you are painting and its reflections.

Golden watch

The golden hour is the time immediately after sunrise and before sunset. Then the contrast is reduced and the light is softer and warmer.

A drop of water as optics

You don’t have to have a good camera on your phone to take pictures of nearby objects. A drop of water will serve as the perfect optics. Carefully apply your finger to your phone’s camera and try to take a photo.

First exercise and then experiment

After that, do not hesitate to break the rules. Try to be creative in your own way and the photos will be unique.

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